A.T.T.E.N.T.I.O.N please


Daniel Tay, a professional speaker and Toastmasters trainer would grace our meeting this Tuesday with his presence. He has a lot of experience in speaking and training would-be speakers. He even trains Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM)!!!

This Tuesday, he would be giving a demo speech on CC Project 8 – Get Comfortable with Visual Aids. He would also tell us the various ways to make the delivery of your speech interesting and creative!! After his speech, there would be a question and answer session (open evaluation) with the audience.

Bring your friends along for this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity to learn tips to improve your communication skills!!

Details of the meeting are as follows:
Venue: R305
Date: 31 March 2009, Tuesday
Time: 7.15pm

The theme for the meeting would be Don’t Worry, be Happy!

Only the TMD and TTM role has been filled. Please fill in the roles for Timer, Ah-counter and the Grammarian ASAP. Members of PD Toastmasters would fill in the other roles.

There would be no more speaking slots for this meeting. That’s all for now. Remember to invite your friends for the meeting. See you there!



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