A.T.T.E.N.T.I.O.N please

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Daniel Tay, a professional speaker and Toastmasters trainer would grace our meeting this Tuesday with his presence. He has a lot of experience in speaking and training would-be speakers. He even trains Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM)!!!

This Tuesday, he would be giving a demo speech on CC Project 8 – Get Comfortable with Visual Aids. He would also tell us the various ways to make the delivery of your speech interesting and creative!! After his speech, there would be a question and answer session (open evaluation) with the audience.

Bring your friends along for this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME opportunity to learn tips to improve your communication skills!!

Details of the meeting are as follows:
Venue: R305
Date: 31 March 2009, Tuesday
Time: 7.15pm

The theme for the meeting would be Don’t Worry, be Happy!

Only the TMD and TTM role has been filled. Please fill in the roles for Timer, Ah-counter and the Grammarian ASAP. Members of PD Toastmasters would fill in the other roles.

There would be no more speaking slots for this meeting. That’s all for now. Remember to invite your friends for the meeting. See you there!



and Jeremy hails again

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at the Area C5 Contest

On March 1st, 2009, Pan Pacific Toastmasters hosted the Area C5 International Speech (IS) and Table-topics (TT) Contests. In laymen’s terms, the IS contest is actually a contest where the contestants deliver a 5-7 minute prepared speech whereas contestants of the TT contest would be required to deliver a 1-2 minute impromptu speech.

There are five Toastmasters club in Area C5, namely, Pan Pacific Toastmasters Club, KLIA Toastmasters Club, Port Dickson Toastmasters Club, Surian Club and NUC Toastmasters Club. All five clubs were supposed to grace the event with their presence but unfortunately, only two clubs were able to make it for the contest. Surian, KLIA and even the host club, Pan Pacific did not send a representative to the contest!

Competent Communicator (CC) Jeremy Teo represented NUC Toastmasters Club at the Area-level contest when he won both the IS and the TT contests at the Club-level. Port Dickson’s representative was Chua Eu Chieh (CC) as he too, swept his club-level opponents aside in both contests.

At 10.00 am sharp, both the contestants were briefed on the contests rules and the lots were drawn to decide who would be the lucky number 1. Jeremy would go first while Eu Chieh would be second in the IS contest. Conversely, this arrangement would be vice versa for the TT contest. 30 minutes later in the IS contest, Jeremy took to the stage confidently for his speech entitles, All I Have is Yours. He awed the crowd with his oratory skills and ended his speech with aplomb by urging the crowd to give everything at every possible chance.

Next, Eu Chieh delivered a humourous speech entitled The Joys and Perils of School Holidays. The whole crowd was laughing at the right moments and his speech was a blast. We were a bit disappointed when his speech ended. With the IS Contest over, tea break was served outside the Illyusion meeting room. I must say that Pan Pacific’s interior design looks great but the food served was indescribable. The coffee and tea were just of the right texture and the mi hun and fired chicken were to die for! No wonder, Pan Pacific was voted Asia’s Best Airport Hotel for 7 years!

After the welcome break, it was time for the TT contest. As Eu Chieh was scheduled to go first, Jeremy was quarantined. This was because to be impartial to both contestants, they were both given the same topic. If Jeremy knew the speech topic before he was schedule to start, he would have extra time to prepare for it! From the audience’s response after Eu Chieh was done, he must have wowed the crowd with another grand performance. Jeremy’s topic was Are we Dependent on Technology?

After another great presentation, it was time for the judges to decide the winner for both the contests. In the meantime, the Organizing Chairperson and also Pan Pacific Toastmasters Club President, Azhar had a question and answer session with both contestants. Soon after that, the announcement that Jeremy was the champion for the IS and TT contests were announced. He would be representing Area C5 at the Division-level Contests on the 28th March of 2009.

Reported by,

Jeremy Teo
VP of Education
NUC Toastmasters Club

next up – war and death

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The previous meeting saw four guests and another returning for a second time. The latter guest is now our newest Toastmasters member – Hafiz! Hafiz would be joining Team B as Gregory recruited him. Hafiz, please tell me your phone number so I can easily contact you. Thanks.

During the next meeting (March 17th, 2009), there is only one member giving speech. Azhar would be attempting his first project speech – Ice Breaker! There are four speaking slots left for this. If Hafiz wants to join Azhar to do his Ice Breaker too, please contact me at 012-8959346 and I would send you the soft copy of the project.

There would be two Toastmasters from Malacca Toastmasters Club visiting us next Tuesday. So invite your friends to come as guests and at the same time, earn points for your team.

As of Week 5, Team A has collected 232 points while Team B has 152 points. The points in the bracket are the points collected in the previous meeting while the one without is the total.

A word of advice to Team B members, please don’t undo all the hard work that your other members did. Besides that, step up to the plate and volunteer for roles or do your project speech. It might look like a huge lead but only sheer determination and perseverance would ensure that you have a fighting chance to overhaul it. Remember this – When times are tough, dare to be tougher! All the best!

Grab the opportunity to role-play! There are still quite a lot of empty roles waiting to be filled up.

The role players for the next meeting are as follows:-

Toastmaster of the Day, TOD: Jeremy Teo
General Evaluator, GE:
Table-topics Master, TTM: Cheong Yee Mun
Table-topics Evaluator, TTE:
Timer, TK:
Ah-Counter, AH:
Grammarian, G:
Comedian, C:

The theme for the next meeting is War and Death. You would understand why I chose this theme and the significance of it during the meeting itself.

Whoever volunteers for the role of grammarian, please pass to me the Word of the Day, WoD too. FYI, the WoD should have some significance to the theme of the meeting.

Please contact me if you want to fill the 4 speaking slots or the role-plays at 012-8959346 or just reply this email. Please volunteer by this Sunday (March 15th) at 6pm. Thank you so very much.

Whoever is interested to go for the joint meeting with Pan Pacific Toastmasters Club and KLIA Toastmasters Club, please contact Allysa at 012-7027384 by next Tuesday. Details are as follows:-

Venue = KLIA
Time = 6.30pm (if not mistaken)
Date = 20th March 2009 (next Friday)

Finally, anyone who would like to support me at the Division level International Speech and Table-topics Contests are welcomed to join me at Segi Collge, Subang on 28th March 2008 at 1pm. Transportation would be provided. Please contact me or Greg for more details.

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend ahead and cheers!!


Yours Sincerely,

Jeremy Teo
VP of Education
NUC Toastmasters Club

Club Level Contests

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On the 17th of February 2009, Nilai UC Toastmasters Club had their first Club Level International Speech and Table-Topics Contests, Area C5, Division C, District 51.

As the Organizing Chairperson of this event, I must say that this was a success!


to our judges – PD Toastmasters Club: Mr. G.T. Singam, ACB/CL, Area C5 Governor. Ms. Rosa Phua, and Mr. Tan Soo Guan.

to our contestants –
Table-Topics Contest: Lim Khai Hong, Mohd. Azhar Ahmad, Jeremy Teo and Luke Callistus Rayan.
International Speech Contest: Gregory Sim and Jeremy Teo.

to our role players –
Toastmaster of the Day-Gregory Sim,
SAA 1-Amos Tay,
SAA 2-Allysa Cho Shu Kei,
Timer 1-Cheong Yee Mun,
Timer 2-Pee Nai Yen.


At 1915, members and guests came to the R306, the place where the Club Level International Speech and Table-Topics Contests held. We then arranged the tables and chairs to get ready for the big day.

Shortly after that, PD Toastmasters Club Judges arrived. They distributed the forms for contestants to fill in, and the forms for the timers. They also briefed the contestants and role-players about the rules and regulations of today’s contest.

At 1940, Gregory as the TOD start off by introduces TM and role-players. After that, the Club Level Table-Topics Contest started. The topic chosen for the TT is ‘Trust or Honesty in a relationship?’ It is not an easy question to be honest. =D

The first one to go off was Lim Khai Hong, while the other 3 were quaranteen guided by SAA to be ready at next door so they wouldn’t overheard the title and prepare on their own beforehand. The next one was Mohd. Azhar Ahmad, following with Jeremy Teo and Luke Callistus Rayan.

When the TT was finished, it is time for Contestants for Club Level International Speech Contest. Since Gregory is participating in this contest, the chairman for this IS is replaced by Amos. And so, Gregory Sim started his speech and followed by Jeremy Teo.

After the tensed moment for the contest, we had 5 minutes break. Then Gregory Sim had some Q&A session with the contestants and the guests who attended the night.

Here comes the most important and most awaited moment of the night, the result for both International Speech and Table-Topics Contests!

*Drum rolls* da-tum, da-tum, da-tum…

And who is the winner? First runner-up for Table-Topics Contests is Lim Khai Hong. Champion for Table-Topics Contests is Jeremy Teo!

As for the International Speech was won by Jeremy Teo as well!
Congratulations to Jeremy Teo for winning both of the contest!


With GT giving out the certs for the contestants and role-players, the great night ended.

Picture 8778 

audience of the night

Picture 8779 

our very own VPE – Jeremy Teo

Picture 8784

our very own contest of both

 Picture 8796 
our winner of both our Club Level Contest



Secretary, Yee Mun

A message from the President

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What is the first thing that captures your eyes when you see this picture? Is it the price RM8.69 or the word ‘Starbucks Coffee’?

I personally was captured by the word ‘Starbucks Coffee’. The first thing that struck my mind was since when does Starbucks Coffee are packaged and sold in supermarkets. Now, you don’t need to go to any Starbucks Coffee outlet to get a coffee. Starbucks is advancing to another level by packaging its coffee and selling to consumer in supermarkets. How about you and me? Are we moving in our toastmasters’ project speeches? How many of you have gone through at least the six basic project speeches?

The biggest question is this: Starbucks is advancing towards the next level and not just remaining at the coffee house, selling coffees’, Are you going to be stagnant and remain at your current position of your project speech or are you going to move on to faster finish of your project speeches?

The choice is in your hands!

As your president, I want to encourage all members to polish up your communication skills and it can be done by doing more project speeches.  When you are a member of NUC Toasties Toastmasters Club, you are a toasties.  When you are outside, you are a toastmaster and you are not just a member of this club however you are a part of this family called Toastmasters International.  We learn from each other to become better speakers and leaders.  Each of you have different dreams, different objectives, different purpose in life however, we are gather in this room together to learn to become the individual that we want to be in near future.

There is this saying ‘The brave person confronts fear and moves toward it. It then gets smaller’.  I believed that as we do more project speeches, we will increase our confidence to speak in front of various people turning all our fears into confidence.  Hence, I want to encourage all members to finish off your project speeches by the end of this term 2007-2008.  Members that completed their project speeches by the end of this term will be rewarded by the club.

With the right attitude, you can make a difference in your life.  One can make a difference and surely all my members will be great speakers or leaders in near future.  I just want to end with this story:

Once upon a time, there was this old man who have the habit of going to the beach to do some writing. One morning, he decided to go for a morning stroll along the beach. While walking along the shores of the beach, he saw a young man and said “Good Morning, What are you doing?” The young man said ‘I am throwing back the starfish into the ocean’. Old man said ‘I should be asking why are you throwing the starfish back into the ocean’ Young man said ‘the sun is up, the tide is low, if I don’t throw them, they will die. Old man said ‘but there are many starfish along the shores of the beach, it is pointless, you can’t possibly make a difference’. The young man listened politely. He picks up the star fish and throws it back to the ocean. He said ‘One man makes a difference with the right attitude’.



Gregory Sim

A note from the VPE

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Our last meeting’s attendance could be improved. Hopefully next week at our club-level contest, we would see a full house. Next Tuesday we would be having our club-level International Speech (IS) and Table-Topics (TT) contests.

The contestants for the IS contest are as follows:

1) Jeremy Teo, CC
2) Foo Zhen Cui
3) Sandeep Rao, CC


1) Speech titles only have to be provided on the day of the contest itself.
2) Speeches must be original in its entity. If found to be unoriginal, contestant would be disqualified.
3) Speeches must be within 5-7 minutes.
4) Speeches below 5 minutes or longer than 7 minutes 30 seconds would be disqualified. No timing signal (using a bell) would be provided except for the colour cards.
5) Green card = 5 minutes, Yellow card = 6 minutes and Red card = 7 minutes.

The contestants for the TT contest are as follows:

1) Jeremy Teo
2) Luke Callistus Rayan


1) Speeches must be within 1-2 minutes.

2) Speeches below 1 minute or longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds would be disqualified. No timing signal (using a bell) would be provided except for the colour cards.

3) Green card = 1 minute, Yellow card = 1 minute 30 seconds and Red card = 2 minutes.

Dateline to join both contests is by this Sunday (February 15, 2009) at 12.00 noon. Late applications would not be entertained. A reminder to all contestants – all contestants have to pay RM5 for every contest that they join.

Each contestant would be awarded 5 points under the Points System for every contest that they join. Every first-time guest invited by any team would contribute 5 additional points to each team. So bring more guests to NUC Toastmasters Club’s first club-level IS and TT contests.

Congratulations to Team B for getting a whopping 47 points in the last meeting compared to Team A’s measly 21 points. The points that I announced during the meeting were slightly flawed. My apologies for that. Team B is currently leading by 24 points.

Team A, don’t worry. There’s 5 more meetings to turn things around. So Team B, don’t brag too much yet. Let’s see how the mighty fall later. Hahaahah *evil laugh*!!

That’s all for now. See you guys at our contest. All the best and may the best man (or woman) win!

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Teo, CC
VP of Education
NUC Toastmasters Club

An Abundance of Blessings

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A full house on the meeting too!

Last week, we had our monthly meeting once again.  With 5 assignment speeches and of course an innovative table topic session.  Courtesy to Christopher. 

The meeting sees an attendance of a few new guest on our list.  Simba, Turki, Saad and Saada.  It’s been awhile since we’ve had a full house.  Asides that, Han, the President of our neighbour college is also there to join us for the training meeting.  Thank you, for sparing us a few of your precious hours (yup. a few. the meeting lasted longer than usual which made us very hungry after that, BUT it was fun!

It’s the second meeting of the year, and already the red, heated up season is up already, preparing us for the Lunar New Year coming up this week.  Last week, we see courageous guest stepping forward for our table topic session, despite being a first time guest.  More than half who volunteered are guest!  BRAVO! 

The college will be off for one week, with most of the classes replaced, so for those who are travelling back to your hometown.  I wish you’ll have a good journey to and fro.  Remember, it’s always better safe than sorry.  Survey your surroundings while driving, sometimes, you don’t have to rush to wherever you’re suppose to go and to just enjoy what’s there for you along the way and appreciate what you’ve got then. 

Plus, remember to greet and talk politely at all times with your elderly,family and friends or rather strangers too!  Respect is a huge word that plays a part in every family especially for the Chinese.  Respect too plays an important role in speechmaking.  Respect your audience just like how you would at home.  That would possibly be the starting point where you earn your respect too!  So, when you’re at home now.  Practise!  and of course be patient at all times too!  Don’t get involve in family politics iya!!!


Updates for the next meeting:

The project speakers for our next meeting are as follows.
Jeremy Evaluator: Gregory
Han (from INTI) Evaluator: Sandeep
Allysa Evaluator: Yee Mun
Pee Evaluator: Luke
Jaka Evalautor: Zen

The role players for the next meeting are as follows:

GE: Jeremy
AH: Christopher
Grammarian, G:
Comedian, C:

Note from VPE, Jeremy Teo:
Please volunteer for the roles above by February 1, 12pm. After that, anyone that I ask to do the roles would only get 3 points for their teams. This should be fair for the members that did actually volunteer before the dateline.

To our members that are celebrating Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai to you guys. Remember to collect lots of angpao so that got money to pay your Toastmasters dues by March.

For the rest that are not celebrating, go have fun and visit your Chinese friends. Eat their cookies and collect angpaos (money) from your friends’ parents.

Courage to Conquer (and collect angpaos!!)


Lastly, Happy Happy Chinese New Year!


新年快乐! 万事如意!
恭喜发财! 吉祥如意!

Have a good one ahead!  And we’ll see you again on Feb 3rd!


next meeting. 20.01.09

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Greetings Toasties ,

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting yesterday’s turnout for our meeting. I’m sure we can do better than yesterday. If every single one of us brings only one guest, our attendance would double instantly. Imagine what it would be like if each of us invited two or three guests? After taking days and to prepare your speech, wouldn’t you want more people to listen to you rather than just a handful?

There is no denying that some may say that the less people the better as they would not feel such a bad case of stage fright. But I urge you to come out from your comfort zone and tackle your stage fright head on. One of the main reasons we join Toastmasters is to be a better speaker and thus, a better communicator. To achieve your goal, you have to first get rid of that fear!

Yesterday’s theme was New Year, New Beginning. I urge all of you to start fresh and start anew. Toastmasters’ International theme for this year is Courage to Conquer. So, I challenge you to summon the courage within you to conquer your fear of speaking in public.

Next week’s meeting would be back on Tuesday (January 20th, 2009). Meeting venue would be the 3rd floor of RC. I’m not sure of the exact location yet. I would advise you as soon as I know.

Theme: An Abundance of Blessings

The meeting roles for next week are as follows:

TOD: Gregory Sim, CC/CL
GE: Sandeep Rao, CC
Time-Keeper: Luke

Please text me at 012-8959346 if you want to fill the empty slots above. By Sunday 12pm, if the slots are not filled, I would assign the roles myself. So please don’t give me more work-lah…

Project speakers for next week are as follows:

Jakanathan Evaluator: Sandeep Rao
Cheong Yee Mun Evaluator: Jeremy Teo
Lo Chee Hoe Evaluator: Gregory Sim
Foo Zhen Cui Evaluator: Sandeep Rao
Amos Tay Evaluator: Jeremy Teo

So the slots for next week are full. If you are interested in giving your speech, you can give your speech on Feb 2, 09 or Feb 10, 09.

Our club level International Speech Contest and Table-Topics Contest would be held on February 17. The requirement to join the International Speech Contest would be at least a CC Project 6 while there are no such requirements for the Table-Topic Contest.

There would be a nominal fee of RM5 charged to contestants for both contests. The money collected would be used to send our club’s representatives to the Area level contests and beyond. As of now, no entrance fee would be charged. So please make our club contest as successful as possible by inviting as many guests as possible. If there are any changes in the fees, I would update you guys ASAP.

So please inform me if you want to participate in the contests. Contestants speaking at either contest would be awarded 5 points under the Points System. If you join both, then you would earn your team 10 points. On top of that, I need an Organising Chairperson (OC) to organise this contest. Preferably, the OC should be someone not interested in joining the club contests to eliminate conflicts of interest.

Dateline to send in your contest application would be on February 15, 2009.

That’s all for now. Remember to volunteer for the empty meeting roles for next week. Thanks again.

Courage to Conquer

Yours sincerely,

Jeremy Teo
VP of Education
NUC Toastmasters Club


A note from VPPR,

All members are to be reminded that you are encouraged to wear RED in conjunction with the HOT HOT HOT HEATED CNY the week after.  Red packets from the married are welcome too!  Bring one bring all.  Bring along your friends and your roomates!  It’s gonna be a heated meeting next meeting!


Zhen Cui, Zen

Laughter is the best Medicine

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Laugh as much as you breathe and live as long as you live

It may be easy to give a speech to inspire, or motivate. But it ain’t easy for someone to give a speech, tell a story and make you laugh.

Last night, 3 of our members brave their confidence and took part in the Club Level Humorous Speech Contest. They were:

Gregory Sim, CC
Bend but Don’t Break It

Jeremy Teo, TM
Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Lim Khai Hong, Burger, TM
Eh, What you talking?

The contest took up approximately an hour and a half and contestants were judge accordingly by the PD toastmasters, Robert Tan, DTM; Area Governor, GT Singam and Ms Rosa Pua.

They were evaluated by their skills in Speech Development, Effectiveness, Speech Value, Audience Response, Physical, Voice, Manner, Appropriateness and Correctness.

Gregory stunned the crowd with his impromptuness of joining last minute and entertain us with his story on the journey up to Mount KK which he then decided that Life is soo much more than climbing the highest mountain, and we should always appreciate everything that we have at this moment. We should definitely learn how he lost weight though.

Jeremy as always with his already there sarcasm blessed us all unmarried people with the Secret To a Happy Marriage. Now, it left us wondering for awhile, how could he possibly know when he is not married anyway? Sources were then revealed that he might just be.*hint hint* Anyway, the whole drama were revealed there after, and the only secret were to LIE when you have to, especially on women’s weight.  Eheh.

Burger, our full-time comedian came to the center of attraction with his speech title: Eh, What You Talking? which sounded soo Singaporean. The speech went on on the effectiveness of Miscommunication and how human misinterpret every single thing everytime there’s a loop hole in the speech to. A phrase mentioned to the wife who wants a Ferrari by the husband: Yea. It can reach 120 in 5 seconds. It is that fast! A moment, I really thought he was that generous until…The next day, where the wife found a Bathroom Scale in the bathroom. And the happily ever after on every story faded away just like that.

To have the courage to entertain and humor others is a tough job. Which is why most of us chose to be the sidelines.

Congratulations to Jeremy who won the competition. He’ll then proceed to represent NUC Toastmasters Club in the Area Level Humor Speech Contest on the 28th September at PD. 1st Runner Up goes to Burger Lim.

Congratulations, once again.

Learn to speak, Learn to Lead, and Learn to Succeed.

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Fellow Toastmasters!

Deeply apologize for the lack of updates. However, the next big thing which will be happening at the Toastmasters Club of Nilai International University College would be…

all toastmasters of NUC shall attend the installation and all are welcome!!! please do come join us for our very first installation night!

Any enquiries, do call 012 944 8163.

Your presence will definitely be welcomed.

Thank You